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Do I need to upgrade my brakes when lifting my truck?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Do most people overlook this? Yes they do! The best-looking truck in the world doesn’t look too good when the front end is smashed from rear-ending someone. Slotted or crossdrilled rotors are a great start, but good pads, oversized calipers, and plus sized rotors are also a great idea. Brembo - Big Bite - SSBC (Stainless Steel Brake Company), Baer - EBC - DBA - Hawk - Powerslot – just to name a few of the suppliers we have at our fingertips. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Bigger brakes not only look good and function well, but also are important for stopping your vehicle!!!

Chips - Programmers - What are their functions?

If the vehicle is lifted or running larger tires, the speedometer is going to be off. Also, on newer vehicles, the speed sensors – shift sensors will be out of calibration. By installing a chip or reprogramming the computer, you can not only improve horsepower, torque, etc., but also gain fuel mileage and save a soon to come transmission issue or speeding ticket!!! Some brands we offer are Banks, Superchip, Bully Dog, Edge, Hypertech, SCT, Unichip, Jet, Diablo Sport, just to name a few.

How often should I rotate my tires?

Every 3-5,000 miles is a perfect point to rotate. This depends on the type and style of tire you have. The more aggressive, the more often you have to rotate. Some All Terrain designs are fine for up to 10,000 miles before rotation. Also, don’t forget to torque your wheel at this time.

How often should I check over my suspension or body lift?

After the first 50 miles on a new install, but after that we recommend at least a yearly lift evaluation. We schedule these to be as convenient as possible and in most cases they only take one day. Catching a potential problem before it happens can save you thousands in repair costs or maybe even save your life.

My steering wheel shakes or shimmy’s? Or When I hit a bump the truck gets out of control? AKA The Deathwobble

This answer could take all day but the simplest answer is…Do not ignore this problem!!! Death wobble can start from something as simple as tire balance, but it could also be something getting ready to come apart. Loose tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings, improper alignment, bad steering stabilizer, all of this can cause these symptoms but a quick check and we can tell you for sure. We have fixed more of these vehicles, after everyone else says they can’t be fixed, than you could imagine!!!

How often should I torque or tighten the lug nuts on my wheels?

Again, approximately 50 miles or sooner after a new install; roughly every 1,000 miles afterwards. Any time tires or wheels are rotated; check them after approximately 50 miles. Lug nuts have to “seat” themselves in and sometimes they can be stubborn. It only takes a second to double check things and be on the safe side. If this isn’t done, the result you receive is ruined wheels or loss of your wheels. Retorque is a very important thing to do!!!

How can I get quote on a job I want done?

You can simply step in our office or send an email. Email sometimes works best due to the overwhelming amount of walk-in customers. Feel free to do either one; we are always here to help.

Does Davis Offroad buy, sell, or trade used tires and wheels?

Unfortunately we do not buy, sell, or trade used tires and wheels. We do however have many people looking for odds and ends packages so we will be more than happy to keep your setup in mind and hopefully run across the right person to make the deal happen.

How long will I be without my vehicle while having an install performed?

Our typical lift kit turnaround time is generally 2 days from start to finish, however many jobs like Accessories, level kits, tires & wheels, and bumpers will possibly be accomplished in 1 business day depending on our schedule. Custom Fab. Turnaround times depends completely on what the build consist of and the work load on the shop. It is only 3 guys from the initial quote to the finished product of your vehicle so be patient please as your truck is receiving the most top quality work.

If I pay extra will you take special care of my brand new truck and lift kit install?

No need here at DOR! Each truck is treated with the respect as if you were family, we take pride in our professional installs and each vehicle undergoes a strict look over after all work is completed.